Below is a list of Anvil Academic projects now underway. If you’re interested in submitting your own work for review, please take a look at our Submissions Guidelines page.

Alice in Dataland: Reinventing Alice in a Digital World” (Anastasia Salter)
The absurdist adventures of Alice in the logically-inverted world of Wonderland have been continually rewritten and remediated, from the numerous versions of the work reimagined by different illustrators to early adaptations and parodies such as Alice in Blunderland (1907) and On the Way to Wonderland (1885). The existing University of Florida “Afterlife of Alice & Her Adventures in Wonderland” digital collection of Alice in Wonderland versions and adaptations offers a digitized prelude to the reincarnations of Alice currently around the web. Alice’s journey through the rabbit hole has become a metaphor for digital space itself and serves as a space to explore the consequences of digitization and remediation to our understanding of a text’s character. Read more

Design and Layout of the Richest Manuscript of the Iliad” (D. Neel Smith and Nikolas Churik)
Scholars in many disciplines have shown increasing interest in the materiality of texts. A group of early, large-format manuscripts of the Iliad with scholarly notes, or scholia, has been especially important in the work of scholars like Maria Maniaci in developing quantitative metrics that illuminate how medieval scribes worked with their source material to design the layout of richly annotated manuscripts. Maniaci considers how scribes planned the layout of a page to account for the number of scholia, the length of the commentary’s text, and a desire to keep the commentary physically near the text commented on.

While Maniaci develops her theories by manually testing them against a handful of manuscript pages, we have implemented her metrics in a code library, and applied them to the scores of manuscript pages from the Venetus A manuscript in the publicly available archive of the Homer Multitext project currently covering the first seven books of the Iliad.
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Imagining Ancient Corinth: An Introduction to Greek Literature and Culture” (John Gruber-Miller)
“Imagining Ancient Corinth: An Introduction to Greek Literature and Culture” is one of six components of a larger project, Imagining Greece: An Introduction to Greek Literature and Culture. This intermediate textbook introduces students to authentic Greek texts as well as the cultural context of ancient Greece. The project will build upon the Perseus Digital Library and ORBIS. As an intermediate Greek Reader focused on ancient Corinth, it will appeal to students not only from Classical Studies, but also (art) history, archaeology and Biblical Studies.
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