Calling All Digital Archives: Announcing Anvil’s New “Built Upon” Initiative

In keeping with our mission to foster innovative digital scholarship, Anvil Academic is excited to announce the launch of a new publishing initiative: Built Upon. The Built Upon series encourages authors to investigate and invigorate pre-existing digital tools and collections in developing their own scholarly arguments or pedagogical projects.  We want the Built Upon series to be an incubator and an accelerator of humanities innovation–a space where the craft, artistry, and objective rigor of humanistic pursuits find new and surprising modes of expression.

An Invitation to Digital Archives
We invite digital collections and other online scholarly resources in the humanities to participate in Built Upon, enabling researchers to make use of data, tools and other relevant materials (in many cases, deepening a prior commitment to public access). By participating in Built Upon, digital collections have a chance not only to increase their visibility, but also to contribute further to new modes of scholarship and gain a greater understanding of how scholars make use of their resources. Partners will also have the opportunity to take part in the peer review process, evaluating scholars’ work overall and, in particular, the use to which they have put the archive’s materials. We further encourage partners to provide limited technical assistance to authors. Finally, we hope that partners will support outreach and promotion efforts by bringing attention to relevant works published in the Built Upon series.

We see Built Upon as a venue for scholars to respond creatively to the work digital archives have done, for these archives to gain greater attention, and for Anvil to collaborate with all participants to promote digital humanities scholarship as a genre of work meriting formal publication.

Currently we have commitments to participate from these leading digital archives and web-based tools: Visualizing EmancipationValley of the Shadow, many of the NINES federated projects, and ORBIS. We expect to announce more partnerships in the coming weeks.

Digital archives and resources interested in participating in Built Upon should contact Fred Moody, Anvil editor, at

Stay tuned for our upcoming CFP
We’ll be announcing an official call for proposals soon–so stay tuned!