Announcing Anvil Partnership with Trinity College

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We’re happy to report more progress this week as we look to future web preservation and consider approaches to editorial review and lightweight production. On this last front, Anvil is pleased to announce a new partnership with Trinity College IT and the Trinfo.Café program.

Along with Suzanne Aber, director of IT at Trinity, Carlos Espinosa, director of the Trinfo.Café program, and Jack Dougherty, associate professor and director of educational studies at Trinity, Anvil has teamed up to provide web hosting for CommentPress and PressBooks components of its publications.

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We’re planning to use the CommentPress interface in (at least) two ways: 1) to make the textual parts of our publications publicly reviewable; and 2) to innovate a WordPress-native interface for conducting editorial and peer review. CommentPress is a nice match both externally, as a means of offering access and interaction to our readers, and internally, as a platform for sharing text and comments among our authors and editors.

And PressBooks looks to be an ideal solution for offering readily available pdfs, epubs, and other e-reader formats from WordPress content.

All in all the combo of these two applications helps to meet author and editor needs for good workflow tools and reader needs for easy and effective ways to directly interact with content.

CommentPressBooks logo

We’re also excited to be able to support (and gain support from) growing digital publishing efforts at Trinity and within the Trinfo.Café program.

To see a beta version of the “CommentPressBooks” combination, have a look at